Collection: Keychain Supplies

Introducing our plastic keychain snaps, the perfect addition to your laser business's keychain supplies. Say goodbye to the struggle of assembling keychains and damaging your nails in the process. Choose our innovative, easy-to-use connectors to save your fingers and elevate your business with ease.

Designed for utmost convenience, our plastic keychain connectors work best with 1/8" thick material. We recommend making your keychain hole at least 0.16"–0.18" in diameter to ensure the perfect fit.

By offering our connectors as bulk keychain supplies, we're helping Canadian laser businesses save more while accessing high-quality products. Stock up your keychain supplies and keep your business running smoothly!

Ready to transform your laser business and improve your productivity? Create stunning keychains and help your business stand out from the competition with our reliable keychain supplies. Contact us today if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.